Property Going Global

How to create global wealth and invest with confidence.

Property Going Global

Learn from our successful experience of helping over 2400+ people invest internationally to a value of over $600 million!

About the book

If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge on how to invest in international real estate, find solutions to securing your financial future and learn how to create global wealth security with a steadfast system, Property Going Global by Scott Picken is the book for you.

In association with Clem Sunter, Scott Picken advises readers on how to invest internationally and create global wealth in a way that is safe and secure using a tried and tested system. Property Going Global is recognised as the authority on investing internationally.

Property Going Global includes up-to-date advice from Clem Sunter, who has previously developed a method of projecting various scenarios for both the future of South Africa and the world. Clem Sunter’s advice will help readers decide on the best possible solution for various types of potential events, including the future of the Rand.

The book also analyses 16 international property markets, including the USA, Australia, the UK, South Africa, Cyprus, and Mauritius, as well as many more, and investigates the latest property trends, residency and how to get foreign passports, mistakes made, and lessons learned. It offers many tools to be successful and has previously helped over 2000 people invest internationally.

Currently, 4 out of 5 adults in South Africa are concerned about their future and are looking for answers, solutions and systems to secure their future. Property Going Global is essential for all investors and has been personally endorsed by 40 of the most well-recognized people both in South Africa and internationally. Property Going Global provides definitive answers to every reader’s financial future.

Valuable insights you will learn

  1. 1How to invest in Real Estate internationally
  2. 2How to create Global Wealth Safety with a tried & tested system
  3. 3Up to date advice from Clem Sunter
  4. 4Answers and solutions to your financial future
  5. 5Review of the top 16 markets including the USA, UK and Australia
  6. 6A chapter on where to invest to get a passport
Property Going Global

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About the Author

Global Real Estate Crowdfunder & Africa’s Leading Global Investor.

Scott is a serial entrepreneur, author of the book, Property Going Global, which was written in association with Clem Sunter and is the authority on FinTech and the intersection of International Real Estate Investment. He is a master real estate analyst and investment real estate acquisitions expert and active in several global markets including USA, UK, Australia, Asia and South Africa. Scott is passionate about crowdfunding and how it is going to revolutionize real estate forever and create global wealth for all. In 2015 he was invited as a member to International Crowdfinance Leadership Council (ICLC). He is also one of the founding members of the African Crowdfunding Association (AfCA), Africa’s only crowdfunding association which is moving Africa forward.

Scott is the Founder and CEO of Wealth Migrate, Your trusted Global Real Estate Marketplace. What makes us unique is we have 227+ years of combined international real estate experience, have facilitated over 10780+ investments internationally on 5 continents and to a value of over $1,34+ billion. We have established relationships with Best-of Breed partners globally, to find the elite off-market deals and execute on the opportunities. Our philosophy is safety, transparency and only partnering where all parties interests are aligned.

Although he started from humble beginnings he did his first property project at 13, his first development at 19 and his first international investment at 22. In 1998 he wrote his dissertation about how IT was going to revolutionize the property industry and today what he wrote about is affectionately known as crowdfunding. He is now invited globally to present at the best real estate, FinTech and crowdfunding events to explain what is happening in this space globally!

Scott’s purpose is to drive the Wealth Movement and empower a billion people by 2020!

Scott Picken
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